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On the bench: 7.7GB/s with 3 Samsung 950 Pro in Raid0

The day I decided to buy another Samsung 950 Pro 512GB, I already dreamed of running both at blazing speeds in Raid0. Unfortunately, the quest was a bit more complicated […]

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Overclocking – how does it affect export times?

If you are an experienced overclocker who knows what performance you get from certain overclocks, this post might not be of interest to you. If you are running your system […]

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On the bench: Intel 750 PCIe SSD 1.2TB

Recently, I noticed that the Intel 750 NVME SSD experienced quite a price drop in the last months. I remember the time around Christmas, when I was planning my current editing […]

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On the bench: Angelbird Wings PX1

Those of you who already read about the Angelbird Wings PX1 in my previous post On the bench: Samsung 950 Pro, know that I was quite impressed with this M.2 to PCIe […]

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On the bench: Samsung 950 Pro (update)

When Samsung released the 950 Pro M.2 NVME SSD, I didn’t hesitate to order two of these insanely fast devices with 512GB of storage each. One was to become my new […]

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The edit bench is finally online!

The day I decided to start blogging is already two months back and since then I thought a lot about what this blog could be about and how it could be helpful to others. Many topics came to my mind and motivation was high to start building this blog, but my job kept me from writing until now. It is […]